Athlete's Corner


Sessions are held after school on Killarney Heights Oval on Monday, and on Melwood Oval on Thursday.

Possibility for new classes in case of high demand.


School Pick up

Killarney Heights Primary School (Mon)

Forestville Primary School (Thu)


The structure of a session is divided into four sections: warm up, running, jumping and throwing.

Each section will focus on one fundamental skill that will be repeated regularly throughout the season.

The aim is that your child can master all the fundamentals before building more specific skills. 

The better your child will be at fundamentals, the easier it will be to acquire more complex skills.

I use relays and team based games to enhance inclusion and respect. The first aim in my classes are to achieve progress !



Term 1

Returning Athletes $190



  • 1 Term: $210
  • Siblings: 5% off for all members of the same family*


 Killarney Heights Session on Monday

Forestville Session on Thursday



It’s your child’s first time?

You’re not sure he/she’ll like it?

Come for free if there is availability!**




Français: De nationalité française et membre de l’association FANS, je peux m’adresser en français à vos enfants pendant les séances d’athlétisme.

*It is not possible to add sibling discount to Earlybird discount. **Booking essential. Only valid once per child, not renewable for next season.