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How I started

When I was 11, my dad was playing with my brother and me on the beach. Being quite fit himself, he was surprised how hard he had to try to stay ahead of me. He decided track athletics would suit me.

I have not been able to put away my spikes ever since.

I am so passionate about this sport, that after having my three children I decided to communicate the joy I have experienced in exploring this diverse and complete sport.

I set up after school athletics sessions in my neighbourhood for Primary School aged children, and joined Sydney Pacific Athletic Club to start a Pole Vault squad located at the Sydney Academy of Sport Narrabeen.


My aim

Born and brought up in France, I joined a track athletics club in the Paris region when I was 11 years old. I liked to sprint and to jump ; at that time pole vault for women was just at its beginning. I tried it out and loved it. It became my main event, but I continued to enjoy training and competing in most other events, including heptathlon.

I have been part of three different clubs, with several coaching styles, but the main thing I would retain is the sense of belonging. Belonging with your team mates who share the fun when you’re young and who endure the same tough training sessions when you’re older. The feel of those feet belonging in those spikes, of those hands on these poles.

The ability of athletics to empower an individual is immense. It is highly satisfying to work hard and succeed in improving your own results. Getting to know your body and mastering it just feels good.

I hope to help children discover all these powerful tools that will guide them through life.

Click here for an overview of my performances as an athlete (post 2004).


What I think is most important, is for your child to have fun during the session! Be sure that I will provide the fundamental movement skills of athletics within the games we will be playing. Those fundamentals will provide the foundation for more complex movement skills and techniques that your child will be able to learn later on, in athletics, or in any other sport they might choose. The better the foundations, the better and higher you can build afterwards.

My aim is to increase your child’s competence, regardless of where the starting point is. This will build their self-esteem and confidence, both very important in life all together.

I also feel very strongly about inclusion, and athletics is the perfect sport for diversity. Sprinting, jumping, throwing, long distance running… there is something for everyone. The focus is set on improving your own capabilities.

We are not training for the Olympics, I do not put any pressure on young children to perform at an age when all they want is have fun. I expect parents to do the same. It’s when kids love the sport, get passionate about it, that they will grow into competing athletes naturally, and most importantly willingly.



Your child is in good hands

It is important that you feel comfortable leaving your child with me.

I am an Athletics Australia certified coach, as you can verify on the Athletics Australia website.

You will also find hereunder my Working With Children Check, as well as my First Aid certificate and the Play By The Rules Child Protection certificate.

Athletics Australia Level 3 Certificate

Working With Children Check WWC1795225E

First Aid Certificate

Double vaccinated coach + booster

What the kids say

Making the kids happy and keen to come back the following week is the most rewarding part of the job.

I liked the Athetics session because the coach made it really fun for us, so we could enjoy ourselves, and play with our friends. It wasn’t too hard core like throwing heavy balls or running long distances. I liked the throwing the most because I always like throwing, aiming things, it’s really fun.

– Max (9 years old)

I liked the running the most because the coach told us lots of good skills about running. I had fun with my friends. I also enjoyed the shot put and throwing the balls.

– Harry (7 years old)